Technical sheet adhésives époxy bi-componant

Applications Viscosité
SHORE Technical sheet
KEOL-EP 261 High strength general purpose adhesive with fast curing speed. Excellent adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces 20000 80D Fiche technique colle
KEOL-EP 411 All purpose high performance adhesive with medium cure speed. Excellent adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces 20000 80D Fiche technique colle
KEOL-EP 430 Low odor version of KEOL-EP 411 19000 78D Sur demande
KEOL-EP 3661 Transparent protective resin 950 75A Sur demande
KEOL-EP 631 High strength structural applications with 2: 1 mixing ratio Visqueuse 80D Sur demande
KEOL-EP 626 Very flexible sealer with excellent resistance properties Pâteux 65D Fiche technique colle
KEOL-EP 6216 Low odor version of KEOL-EP 261 20000 78D Sur demande
KEOL-EP 6221 High performance industrial assembly adhesive with exceptional durability 75000 60D Sur demande
KEOL-EP 4123 This exceptional adhesive is ideal for a wide range of jewelry, industrial, structural and electrical applications 5000 83 Fiche technique colle
KEOL-EP 4824 Transparent. For bonding and optical coating 650 80 Sur demande
KEOL-EP 4223 Designed for a wide range of electronic applications. Black resin and white hardener provide excellent visual indication of complete mixing Résine : 70000
Durcisseur : 70000
Résine : 80D à 25°C

Durcisseur : 50D à 70°C

Sur demande
KEOL-EP 4173 Offers good water resistance, grip and toughness. Meets Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Excellent electrical insulation 24000 82D Fiche technique colle
KEOL-EP 4512 USP Class VI Medical Standard.

Designed for L.E.D. encapsulation, under-filling for flipped chips, top encapsulation, optical fibers and any application of potting or adhesive requiring clarity. Adheres perfectly to glass, quartz, most plastics and metals. ISO 10993-5 biotoxicity. REACH and RoHS compliant

500 82D Fiche technique colle

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