UV LED oven


The UV / LED oven more particularly called UV oven is used for the polymerization of UV photosensitive adhesives.

After application of the UV adhesive, the adhesive parts are placed in the enclosure of the UV oven according to the defined time and the prescribed exposure distance from the UV glue, for efficient and safe polymerization in a few seconds.

UV ovens are used for different types of applications, in particular in the laboratory for prototyping as well as on semi-automatic production lines.

Points titre


Points titre
  • All in One: Oven & UV LED
  • Several existing wavelengths (from 365 to 460nm)
  • Energy saving, easy to use
  • Large insolation surface
  • For small to medium series
  • Robust and easy to use
ReferenceDimensionsCooling typeInternal separationIncludedInformationsTechnical datasheet
KEOL-FOUR CUSTOM-MADEde 100x100 jusqu’à 500x500mmVentilation et filtration à charbon actifPlateau à hauteur réglable Lampe sur demande
KEOL-FOUR8 220220 x 230 x 130 mmFan-LED lamp 395 nm 150 x 150 mm- 2w / cm²
KEOL-FOUR LED 300300 x 300 x 300mmFanAluminum mobile shelfLamp on request
KEOL-FOUR LED 500500 x 500 x 400mmVentilateurAluminum mobile shelfLamp on request

Points titre

Points titre