Adhesives POLYURETHANE range


The polyurethane adhesive is part of the range of structural adhesives. These are mainly intended for industrial assembly and the construction of mechanical assemblies combining various materials such as metal, plastic or wood. Thanks to its strong adhesive power, polyurethane glue provides superior mechanical resistance to industrial assemblies. In a context of increased demands from high-tech industries, it meets these needs thanks to its new properties.

In addition, polyurethane adhesive is highly resistant to shock and vibration, humidity and exposure to high temperatures. It is therefore the perfect ally for various needs that require special operations due to the characteristics of the materials.

POLYURETHANE range adhesives

Points titre


Points titre
  • Elastic hard adhesive
  • Quick setting
  • Different viscosities
  • Peel and impact resistance
  • Chemical resistance
Reference Color Viscosity(mPa.s) HardnessShore Elongation(%) TensileStrengh(MPa) Technicaldatasheet
245 Transparent
3212 Green 1 600 Gel - -
29129 Grey 125 000 73D 45 16,5
076 Translucent - 65D - -

Points titre

Points titre

Picto Impact resistance
Picto Strong elongation
Picto 1 component
Picto Chemical resistance
Picto Flexible adhesive
Picto 2 components
Picto Thermal resistance