UV LED conveyors


The UV / LED conveyor is used for the curing of UV photosensitive adhesives, in line production for medium to large series.

After application of the UV adhesive by a robot for depositing on the line, the adhesive parts are placed at the entrance of the conveyor which, by a system of belts, makes the parts pass under the UV lamp allowing the polymerization.


Points titre


Points titre
  • Online production
  • Several existing wavelengths
  • Energy saving, easy to use.
  • Large insolation surface
  • For medium to large series
  • High efficiency
ReferenceUsable area dimensions (mat)Insolation intensityWavelengthInformationsTechnical datasheet
CONV8 CMCustom madeUp to 3W / cm²Up to 405nm
TUV 236 Multi-probe UV light tester. KEOL-TUV 236 can support 9 kinds of UV probes according to ultraviolet spectrum, measurement range, test hole diameter and application
CONV8400 x 1500 mmUp to 3W / cm²365 à 405 nm