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KEOL is an industrial services company specializing in high precision bonding,the coating of electronic components and the distribution of materials for the assembly of materials. Take advantage of the expertise of industrial bonding professionals for the assembly and protection of your products.

Innovative solutions for bonding

It is because carrying out a precision assembly requires expertise that KEOL is positioned as a reference service provider for the bonding and coating of technical parts.

Studies, tests and trials laboratory

KEOLab qualifies the adhesives and materials to meet your needs and guarantee the success of your bonding assembly project.

Precision bonding manufacturer

You conceive the design of your product and we carry out the assembly by bonding, in compliance with the rules and procedures guaranteeing reliable bonded assemblies.

Selection of suitable equipment and adhesives

Wide range of application materials, technical adhesives and dedicated accessories for a perfect assembly.

Turnkey service

Bonding assembly from A to Z, a tailor-made solution to support you at each stage of the project, from the feasibility study to the deployment of the solution.

Bonding solutions by criterion

Choose your features to access the solutions that suit you

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Quality commitments

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