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KEOL offers within its KEOLab manufacture, a study laboratory,tests and trials on the behavior of materials in order to provide the most suitable solutions and answers to your problems.


The studies and tests that we make available to you will allow you to verify the feasibility of your project, to secure the choice of adhesives and selected materials, and to define a process that meets your constraints.

The studies make it possible to choose an adhesive taking into account the materials to be assembled, the living environment of the assembly, the stress modes and the mechanical strength requirements.

The tests carried out in the laboratory make it possible to measure the surface energies of the substrates (polar and dispersive), the mechanical strengths in tension, shear and compression, as well as the aging of the assemblies in a climatic chamber.

Essais du laboratoire


20 à 5000 KN
Réalisation d’éprouvettes collées pour mesurer la résistance


Mesure des énergies de surface et définition de l’enveloppe de mouillabilité

enceinte climatique

Vieillissement accéléré en humidité/température


Mesure de la dureté des colles et résines Shore A et Shore D


  • Secure the choice of adhesives and materials to assemble
  • Validates the suitability of the bonding process to the requirements
  • Confirms the feasibility of the project Guarantees the durability of the bonded assembly over time
  • Time saving for the advancement of the project
  • Custom tests and trials

Laboratory equipment

  • Surface preparation : atmospheric plasma torch
  • Complete range of adhesive to meet many applications: structural adhesives, resin coating of electronic components, aesthetic bonding, sealing, bonding on difficult plastics (PP) …
  • Planetary mixer: for mixing, degassing and de-bubbling products before depositing
  • Means of removal: volumetric valves, piezoelectric valves, membrane valves, peristaltic valves….
  • Robots 3 axes allowing very high positioning precision (a few microns)
  • UV insolation means: surface lamps from 0.5 to 8 W / cm², fibers up to 20 W cm², mercury vapor lamps
  • Programmable oven

Elongation at break test

KEOLAB - Elongation at break test