Bespoke bonding & coating

KEOL is a supplier of industrial services specializing in high-precision electronic component bonding and coating and material assembly equipment distribution. For all your assembly and protection applications, take advantage of the expertise of industrial bonding experts.

Why outsource your assemblies with KEOL ?

  No hardware investment !

No change to your infrastructure and a decrease in your operational costs (training, safety, etc.).

  No storage of chemical materials !

Increase safety by eliminating all concerns related to the use and storage of REACH and RoHS classified substances.

  Quality assurance and process reliability

You always get the best bonding or coating solution on the market, at the best cost.


A French team of experts with 20 years of experience

From our workshops in the Paris region, we can perform the bonding and coating operations for your industrial applications whilst respecting implementation and monitoring procedures to the highest standards. Outsource your production to KEOL with total confidence !

KEOL’s areas of expertise



Are you looking to bond glass, plastic or metal?

Technical bonding is a universal method used to assemble most materials with a high performance hold. Ask our engineers for more information!