Rubber bonding

An adhesive for rubber assembly

KEOL uses the best rubber adhesives for your industrial applications.

The industrial adhesives used by our teams enable us to assemble all types of materials such a s rubber, metal, wood or PVC. Universal adhesive can be found in many industrial assemblies and is intended to improve mechanical performance. This is manifest mainly in an increased resistance to shearing, traction and thermal ranges.

Among the most widespread universal adhesives are: cyanoacrylate adhesive, neoprene adhesive and anaerobic adhesive. These types of adhesive offer a variety of benefits: quick or even instant setting, dynamic resistance or air-curing.

Adhesive on rubber requires a two-step application: firstly the two surfaces must be pasted and left to dry for around 15 minutes until the solvents volatilise, before then assembling the two sides by applying strong pressure.

Rubber bonding experts at your sides

KEOL helps you to choose the most suitable rubber adhesive for your assembly parts. With a broad choice of industrial adhesives and advice from industrial bonding experts, you have the certainty of being supported by professionals with technical know-how.

With teams with more than 20 years’ experience, in our workshops in the Paris region, we perform bonding and coating for your industrial applications with faultless implementation and monitoring.

With a high quality product portfolio comprising technical adhesives and high-tech bonding equipment, KEOL meets your assembly and industrial application protection needs.


Do you have a rubber bonding project?

Trust the KEOL team of technical bonding experts with over 20 years of experience - they will assist you in selecting the best adhesive at the best price for your assembly process.