Resin coating

Complete resin coating process

Our resin coating services protect your components from external aggressions. Trust KEOL’s expertise for all your projects.

Keol resin coating is a bespoke service for the protection and insulation of SMT components. Our teams of engineers use a high performance resin coating on electronic components to ensure the highest levels of durability.

Our teams use different protection procedures on the components to be coated: component coating, encapsulation on printed circuits and sealing of electrical boxes. Our resin coating process manages various requirements like the mechanical reinforcement of an assembly, the protection of components against shock and vibration or insulation and heat dissipation.

Resin coating is a process which consists in dispensing a resin just as if one were dispensing an adhesive. The 1 to 2 mm thick layer provides protection to the components against external aggressions.

Try Made in France!

The entire resin coating process is carried out on our premises in France. Throughout the duration of your project, KEOL is your single point of contact. We design a turnkey service and its management based on regular discussions between our teams and yours.

Our teams take charge of your projects and produce your product. Entrusting us with the sub-contracting of your assemblies, will give you the certainty of more time to remain focused on your business. KEOL’s professionals with more than 20 years of experience in adhesives will assist you in the development and success of your business. Trust our teams and let our experts manage your production.


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Trust the KEOL team of technical bonding experts with over 20 years of experience - they will assist you in selecting the best adhesive at the best price for your assembly process.