Technical adhesives for industrial applications

KEOL helps you to choose the best adhesive for your assembly application.
How? Thanks to our wide range of industrial adhesives, through advice from our industrial bonding specialists,
and with a technical know-how that spans 20 years in the field of bonding assemblies!
  • UV Adhesives
  • Transparent
  • Bonding of glass and plastic
  • High mechanical strength
  • Fast setting by UV/visible light curing
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Professional assemblies
  • Bonding of all materials
  • Heated dispensing
  • Universal adhesives
  • Fixing
  • Locking and sealing applications
  • High mechanical strength
  • Ease of application

Do you need help to choose the appropriate technical adhesive?

We will consult with you to define the assembly constraints of your application and to determine the best adhesive. Then we will perform all the necessary laboratory testing before production.