LED lamp for adhesive

LED lamps for adhesive : a major advance

State of the art technology for UV curing lamp.

Today, LED lamps for adhesives are a major advance for curing lamps and offer advantages over traditional discharge lamps. They enable optimal adhesive setting and offer a much longer life cycle than standard lamps. This is how LED technology has made the development of curing lamps possible which enable adhesive polymerization and curing with highly reliable processes.

Among the advantages offered by this technology, LED lamps for adhesives only switch on according to the user’s needs and their life cycle is above 20, 000 hours. What’s more, their low electricity consumption and low maintenance enable optimisation of operating costs. Another advantage due to their compactness is that the LED heads integrate easily into production lines. They are capable of high intensities with rapid and reliable repetitive processes.

Use of LED lamps for adhesives

These days, LED lamps are used for adhesives in many fields of industry. They offer brand new applications thanks to short and quick cycles. They make it possible for example to attach electronic components to surfaces of only a few square millimetres. They also allow for quick bonding of decorations to glass.

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