Epoxy adhesive

Epoxy adhesive for industrial assemblies

Heat curing or room temperature curing multi-material structural adhesive

Epoxy is a structural adhesive mainly for industrial assembly and multi-material assemblies. With its high bond strength, epoxy adhesive offers better mechanical performance in industrial assemblies. In this way, it satisfies the ever more demanding bonding requirements of high-tech industries.

Epoxy adhesive exists as a one-component and two-component product. In one-component products, the reactive resin sets at high temperatures, while the two-component resin sets at room temperature. Epoxy resin offers a real alternative to standard assembly processes: riveting, welding and brazing.

These different types of epoxy resin are used for example in smart card and RFID tag production as well as for large or heat-sensitive components.

Why use an epoxy adhesive?

Epoxy adhesive has properties which offer many advantages.
It offers:

  • Fast or even instant setting
  • Resistance to shocks and vibration…
  • …over a wide temperature range
  • Resistance to chemical agents
  • Strong adhesion to all materials

KEOL rigorously selects and uses epoxy adhesives optimised for each industry sector. An example of this approach is high-performance coating solutions to protect embedded electronic chips exposed to extreme conditions.

Do you need to construct high quality assemblies within a very short time frame? Our teams of engineers and project managers teams will handle all your needs and provide you with adapted solutions.

  • Single component
  • No Mixing
  • High resistance
  • Medical standard

Do you have an industrial assembly project?

Trust the KEOL team of technical bonding experts with over 20 years of experience - they will assist you in selecting the best adhesive at the best price for your assembly process.