Coating protection

Protection and coating of your components

Entrust the protection and coating of your printed circuit boards to industrial bonding professionals

Conformal coatings both protect and extend the life cycle of electronic equipment, and are especially destined for printed circuit board protection. Your components are protected and varnished by applying thin layers, generally following three methods: with a paintbrush, by spray or by immersion. The technique is selected depending on fluidity.

Conformal coatings also protect printed circuit boards in difficult environments such as humidity, heat, vibration or from chemicals. Coating protection extends the life cycle of your components and increases their reliability.

Coating protection to combat corrosion

Corrosion is an electro-chemical process which often occurs in the presence of one of these three factors: an intrinsic electro-chemical dissimilarity between two metals, the presence of ions and the presence of thin layers of condensed water.

Conformal coatings help prevent the formation of electrolytic solutions by acting as barriers to humidity. In order to fulfil their coating protection role, these coatings must offer excellent adhesion to the substrates and fully cover the exposed metal surfaces..

All the conformal coatings used by KEOL have been designed to guarantee optimal protection to printed circuit boards. Coatings must be chosen according to your needs, and take into account the environment of the printed circuit boards, the electrical features and the method of application.


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