About planetary mixers

In an industrial production installation, a planetary mixer is the best solution to achieve high quality two-part product mixes. To guarantee perfect dosing, upstream mixing must be perfect too.

KEOL equipment achieves a homogeneous and uniform mix without air bubbles irrespective of the characteristics of the materials to be mixed: adhesives, silicone resins, liquids with a varying degree of viscosity and density, materials loaded with particles, with colouring etc.

Not only does the planetary mixer fulfil the primary objective of degassing products, it facilitates the repeatibility of dosing!


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KEOL planetary mixers


Planetary mixers KK-250S KK-400W
Tank capacity dedicated 250 ml, HDPE dedicated 400 ml, HDPE
Treatment capacity 250 g x 1 tank 400 g x 2 tanks
Rotation speeds
9 in rotation (level 1 to 9)
10 in revolution (level 0 to 9)
Mixing time x number of steps
10 to 990 sec. x 3 steps
Memory capacity 20
Warning messages Lid open, imbalance, overload…
Security Functions
Stop and automatic door opening
Operational conditioning (T°C / humidity)
10 to 40°C / 20 to 80% RH
Electrical connection
AC100 – 120 V
AC200 – 240 V
Consumption 650 W 750 W
350 x 420 x 415 410 x 513 x 490
Main unit net weight
37 Kg 60 Kg

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