KEOL catalogs : the choice of quality, for your Bonding / Coating

Precision assembling cannot be left to chance – based on this assumption, KEOL has developed to become one of the leading specialists of technical bonding and coating operations. KEOL’s primary skill is the supply of bonding and coating services to industrial companies. With our team of experts in industrial bonding and our complete range of adhesives, resins and materials, we focus exclusively on perfecting our core skills and on optimizing our assembly processes.

About KEOL Services

KEOL can manage your project from the design stage all the way through to the assembled parts.
KEOL is a human-sized company that specializes in best-in-class bonding and resin coating services.
By entrusting your assemblies to KEOL, you benefit from a dedicated team’s professional expertise in the fields of bonding and protective coating.

Driven by Manager Christophe BRUNEL, an industrial bonding expert with over 20 years of experience, KEOL specializes in the manufacture of bonded or coated technical components. KEOL operates according to the following manifesto:

Achieving stronger and longer-lasting technical assemblies that are aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and ergonomic, requires technical know-how and expertise in bonding solutions. KEOL meets these needs by a supplying quality, responsive and bespoke assembly services.

In our assembly workshop, our engineers perform the whole bonding or coating process with high performance proprietary equipment.

Our equipment in the workshop

Surface treatment

Surface treatment with atmospheric plasma technology. Pre-bonding cleaning and priming agents.

Dosing / Dispensing

Dosing valves and pumps for one- and two-component products. Multi-axis dispensing robots.


UV or visible light curing lamps. Heat-curing ovens.


Are you looking for a responsive bonding/coating service provider?

KEOL’s teams will happily answer your questions and will find the appropriate solution for your assembly project.
Trust a team of bonding and coating experts for your high-end part assemblies.

Why entrust your projects to KEOL?

  • With 20 years of expertise in the field of industrial bonding, our team is extremely professional and entirely committed to your project.
  • Our company is one-stop shop for a whole range of services, from the design stage to the delivery of bonded or coated parts.
  • Our bespoke customer support is tailor-made for your needs, from consulting to technical training.
  • We produce your parts in record time, with a responsive and flexible service, whatever the volume.
  • With KEOL, you benefit from a high quality service supported by top-of-the-range materials and equipment.