Structural adhesive for high resistance assemblies

About structural adhesive

Structural adhesives are mainly designed for industrial assemblies and mechanical assemblies combining metal, plastic, composites, fibreglass or wood.
Three ranges of structural adhesives are available for multi-material assemblies: methylmethacrylate adhesives (MMA), epoxy adhesives, and polyurethanes adhesives (PU).

With their high bonding power, structural adhesives offer a better mechanical performance in industrial assemblies and meet the most demanding requirements of advanced bonding applications.

An assembly bonded with a structural adhesive is not only highly resistant to shock and vibration, but it can also withstand exceptional levels of humidity, temperature and chemical contact.

Benefits / Applications

KEOL structural adhesive

  • Methacrylate adhesives
  • Heterogeneous bonding of different materials
  • Flexibility
  • Bonding of large parts possible
  • Polyurethane adhesives
  • Flexibility
  • Heterogeneous bonding
  • Quickly

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