UV adhesives, glass & plastic assemblies

About the UV adhesive

UV adhesive is acrylate or epoxy based suitable for flexible and mechanically resistant assembly applications. UV adhesive cures by exposure to visible or UV light sources.
Widely appreciated for its transparency, UV adhesive offers a good bond to glass, metal and most plastics (glass-glass, glass-metal, plastic-glass assemblies).

In industrial bonding applications, UV curing equipment such as a UV LED lamp accelerates the curing process and guarantees a reliable and high performance assembly.

Once cured, a UV adhesive is completely transparent. This critical property makes UV adhesives ideal in assemblies where an invisible bonding of materials is key.

Benefits / Applications

  • UV adhesives Acrylate
  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Transparent
  • Silicone UV adhesives
  • Flexible
  • High temperature resistance
  • UV Anaerobic adhesives
  • Fast
  • Sticking opaque part

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